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Bed bugs were once considered a thing of the past, but not anymore. If you are suffering from bed bugs you aren’t alone. Bed bugs are increasingly becoming an epidemic throughout not just the New Jersey region, but the world. Even expensive hotels and restaurants aren’t immune.

Traditionally bed bugs have been treated with chemicals, over the course of typically two treatments. But there are other ways of exterminating bed bugs, without chemicals, and in one visit; by freezing them.

Read on to learn how freezing bed bugs might be an option you want to consider.

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Why Freeze Treatment

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More and more, a safe, non-chemical alternative to pest control is being sought, in particular for treatment of bed bugs who invade our homes and bedrooms. Research has shown that bed bugs can only survive within a certain temperature range; the thermal death point for bed bugs being -10 degrees.

Freeze treatment has been recognized as an effective alternative to chemical treatments, and is 100% organic and non-toxic. There are no residues or odors with our bed bug freeze treatment, and you can return to the area immediately after it has been treated.

Freeze treatment is both safe, and effective. While traditional chemical bed bug extermination strategies require two or more visits, freeze treatment can be completed in just one visit. Our freeze treatment kills all bed bugs; adults, larva, and eggs.

When Excel completes a bed bug freeze treatment, you can be confident your bed bug problems are solved. And just to put our money where our mouth is, we offer a 30 day guarantee If for whatever reason your bed bug problem hasn’t been resolved we will return and retreat at no extra charge.

How Freeze Treatment Works

Excel Termite & Pest Control uses Cryonite, an innovative, non-toxic, patented technology for the the extermination of bed bugs. Cryonite has been used extensively in Europe, Australia, and the United States with proven results. Cryonite releases CO2 (carbon dioxide) as “snow” which almost immediately kills bed bugs.

Our freeze treatment uses a special CO2 snow that is pressurized so that when applied it kills bed bugs by a rapid freezing of the fluids in their cells, causing instant death.

When the CO2 snow hits surfaces at normal temperatures it evaporates and becomes CO2 gas, causing no harm to your possessions. But during this process heat is extracted from the immediate surroundings. If bed bugs are present the water in their cells crystallizes to ice and they die instantly.

Not only does our freeze treatment kill bed bugs, but kills bed bugs in all life stages including eggs. This means when Excel has completed it’s freeze treatment, you can rest assured that your bed bug problem has been exterminated.

Freeze vs Heat

Freezing is not the only extreme temperature to kill bed bugs, the other option being heat treatment. We investigated both freeze and heat treatment, and determined freeze was the best method to deploy to our customers. Here is why.

To kill bed bugs with heat, the temperature of an entire room has to be kept at 140° F for 0-2 hours, 130° F for 1-3 hours for a slower kill, or above a minimum 113° F for 2-7 hours. The treated location is serviced for an approximately 8-hour period from beginning to end, including the heating and cooling of the area receiving the bed bugs heat treatment. People, pets, and plants can’t remain inside while heat treatment for bed bugs is conducted.

Heat treatment has in some cases caused damage to rooms and their contents; electronics, furniture,and other house hold items melting or warping. And in some cities it’s a requirement that the fire department be notified before a heat treatment be carried out.

The other reason we don’t like heat treatment is because heating up the room is a gradual process, giving bedbugs the time to flee. Because death is not instantaneous the bed bugs can sense the change in temperature and will flee to safety. This is counter productive and a waste of time and money.

Freeze treatment does not have any of these drawbacks. It’s instantaneous, does not require home owners leave, and does not have the potential to damage possessions. We did the research, and we believe in freeze treatment.
If you have any questions whatsoever about our freeze treatment, call us – we’d be happy to address your questions or concerns.

What To Expect From Our Treatment

Bed bugs are extremely adept at disappearing into any nook or cranny in your home. If not treated thoroughly the bed bugs can come back with a vengeance. Excel has a comprehensive and systematic strategy for eradicating your bed bugs.

Homeowner Preparation: First we provide you with a prep list of things to do before Excel arrives. This includes pulling furniture away from the walls, standing up the mattresses, and packing all clothing into sealed bags. This preparation is important as it allows Excel to most effectively treat for bed bugs, which like to hide in any nook or cranny they can.

Treatment: Unlike traditional bed bug treatment, freeze treatment does not require you to temporarily evacuate the home. Our ceritfied technicians will work room by room through your house using Cryonite instant freeze technology. As soon as a technician has completed a room it can be reinhabited. There are no residual chemicals or pesticides; our freeze treatment is 100% non toxic.

Our Guarantee

guarantee Excel Termite & Pest Control guarantees it’s bed bug treatment for 30 days. After the second treatment your bed bug problem will be eradicated, but if for whatever reason it hasn’t been we will return and retreat at no extra charge.

Why just 30 days?
When you call Excel to exterminate your bed bugs we guarantee we will be successful with our treatment plan. Unfortunately what we can’t guarantee is that the place you picked up the bed bugs has been treated. As a result, it’s possible that after Excel has treated your home and eradicated your bed bugs, a new infestation occurs when the bed bugs hitch a ride home from work, school, or someplace else.

The following scenario happened to one of our customers. We came out and treated their home for bed bugs, but 3 months later the bed bugs were back. Eventually the customer realized what was happening – the bed bug problem was occurring after their child returned from college. The dorms had bed bugs and the child was unknowingly carrying them back into the parents home during break.

Bed Bug Dog
guarantee You may have heard of bed bug dogs, or even seen them on the news. These clever dogs have been trained to sniff out an infestation with up to 95% accuracy. Compare that to human accuracy of 37% and you can see why these dogs are so popular.

Often times home owners will think they have bed bugs but are unable to find many of the common bed bugs signs. During the early stages of a bed infestation these pests are so tiny and in such small numbers its quite difficult for humans to detect.

Rather than treat your home under the assumption you have bed bugs, we offer the security and peace of mind that comes when our bed bug dog gives a clear signal you do or do not have bed bugs.
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